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Market Research

An experienced team of consultants with an international business background will be conducting research to gather useful information required to make an informed decision when thinking to enter the Japanese market. Not only from the information available but by asking the right questions to the right people to access relevant and insightful information from people with experience in the same business sector as well as from the team's personal experience in bringing businesses from offshore to the Japanese market.


Online Research:

Investigating online to identify your competitors, their strategies and how they operate to give you a though analysis on the market.


Research Papers:


Most of the research in Japan is published in Japanese. We will identify for you which research papers are relevant for your market research activities, purchase on behalf and translate.


Personal Interviews:


Identify key players in the market to conduct an interview and ask specific questions to gain insightful information.

We tend not to focus on customer interviews as we find it more useful to find companies and people who are successful at providing similar services to yours to gain insightful information.

We have assisted companies from various different business sectors including food products, technology companies such as IT, software development and mobility solutions as well as advertising technology companies to marketing and advertising company from various countries.

Entry Strategy

Not only we conduct Market Research, but we can also use the findings from the Market Research to create a tailored Market Entry Strategy suited to each company, no matter what stage your company is.


COVOD-19 is affecting the Japanese market and it is forcing people to change their behaviour and businesses needs to adapt quickly. In this environment, it is essential to keep your market entry strategy dynamic. 


As part of the strategy, our team of experienced consultants will work closely with your team to formalize the information collected from Market Research and start validating assumptions.


Market Attractiveness:

Is the market attractive enough for the client at this point in time?


Ease of entry:

Looking at potential barriers to successful entry like regulations, culture gap, competitors, available resources on the ground, length of time to market to access ease of entry.


Method of entry:

Assessing different models such as the partnership model with Japanese companies, building own team in Japan, the advantages and disadvantages of both will be discussed closely with you.


Market Readiness:

Are you ready to enter the market financially and reassure wise to overcome the barriers outlined above?


Our experienced team of experts will work closely with you to come up with a suitable strategy to enter the Japanese market. 

Business Development

When you are ready to enter the Japanese market, our highly experienced team will be able to assist you with business development in Japan.


There are two ways we can provide business development services.


  • Hands-On

  • Advisory




With the Hands-On approach, our team will become part of your operation in Japan to implement the Market Entry Strategy on the ground.


Implementation plan (blueprint):

Setting clear roadmap to execute the strategy. set target timelines and goals for each phase.



Securing a deal is about getting trust. Earning a trust can take time and requires Japanese people on the ground to carry out the activities related to presales. Our team with an extensive trusted network of people and companies can accelerate your presales activities to sales.



Our online marketing team can provide you with hands-on support to create a marketing strategy, conduct SEO, SEM, contents marketing to suit your requirement.


Regular and clear communication will be provided to you to ensure you are up to date with the activities and feedback we receive from the activities.


We can also provide advisory service to your company and provide advice on the above matter at set meetings each month. Frequency of the meeting is to be decided based on your requirements. 


  • Automotive / Mobility

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • IT & Telecom

  • Energy / New Energy

  • Electronics

  • Healthcare

  • Esports

  • Coworking Space / Shared Office

  • Hospitality

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